Golf swing analyzerTrue Swing™ will analyze your golf swing and dramatically improve your game with its useful and easy to read feedback.

You’ll get a full, detailed golf swing analysis to study, after each swing.  Fix those hooks and slices the way the pros do!

True Swing™ detects club head speed, angle and direction plus ball speed, direction and launch angle, then indoor golf rentals - golf swing analyzercalculates ball spin and displays the true ball flight on screen.  You won’t find a more useful, accurate or easy to use golf swing analyzer anywhere.

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Golf swing analyzer overhead viewSee your swing speed and ball speed accurately displayed on our golf simulators and you’ll agree that a more accurate, better system can’t be found anywhere!

You’ll actually see your club head speed, ball speed, impact point on the club face, swing tempo, swing path, and club face angle at impact as the club strikes the ball.

Your Sharpshooter™ Simulator displays all this data on your computer screen in an easy to understand format. Play Golf Indoors offers a more accurate and complete experience than you will find in other golf simulators.

Golf simulator rentals - on screen puttingPlay Golf Indoors on-screen putting gives you a combination of real picture backgrounds and computer generated putting greens.  Accurate green mapping adds realism to the course and provides challenging play.

You’ll watch as your ball follows the subtle undulations in the green.  The helpful elevation guide and optional grid lines help you get a feel for the green.  Your putting experience may be personalized with adjustable ‘stimp’ values and ball display speeds.

If you’re looking for a quicker game, choose a ‘gimme’ distance, one putt mode, or skip putting altogether with the automatic putting mode.

Clubfitter™ Club Fitting Software

Club fitting software allows you to easily compare swings using the True Swing™ Analyzer. This provides the ultimate software and hardware combination in our club fitting system. Use the Clubfitter™ to capture statistics on multiple swings and print the results. Great for pro-shops, or anyone wanting an overview of there golf swing.

Fun Games & League Play

Special events such as long drive, closest to the pin, skins, and best ball scrambles are standard on all Play Golf Indoors Simulators. Even if you have a high handicap, you can still compete against a scratch golfer by playing the hole from different distances.  Each game may be played competitively equal for every level of player.

There are 3 long drive competitions and 3 closest to the pin competitions.  Each competition has its own 15 position leader boards to keep track of high scores.  You can set the number of swings allowed for the competitions and even pick the tee box, fairway, or par 3 holes to play.  A skins scoring format may be selected to change things up a bit as well.  The player’s normal score is shown for each hole and a skins score card, like you have seen on TV, giving skins earned and money won.

Our best ball scramble can be played with 2, 3, or 4 players. After each player has taken their shot, you can choose the lie you want to play from; just as you would in a real scramble.

League play feature allows you to easily maintain your golf league, tracks each team’s scores, when they play next and each golfer’s handicap. Each golfer can view league from their home computer.

Dogs Teeth golf course rentalDetailed Photos

Amazingly detailed photos put you on the actual golf course.  It’ll seem so real, you’ll feel the sea breeze on your cheek and smell the fresh salt air as you golf in Hawaii or Costa Rica.   Accurate course mapping and ball fight physics allow the golf ball to interact with terrain by disappearing behind hills, rolling down slopes, and colliding with trees and other objects.  But don’t worry – the golf simulator you rent from Play Golf Indoors comes with extra golf balls!

Target-Based Driving Range

Every good golfer knows the importance of driving golf balls to a set target. Our golf simulators allow you to practice just like you would on an outdoor range. Choose your distance from the pin and practice dropping those tough iron shots on the green. You can practice from 10 yards to 250 yards in 10 yard increments to a green or hit on an open tee. You still get the golf swing analysis feature and golf ball flight profile while you practice.